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Apple and FBI

Ok, Apple vs FBI. I might as well write about a third rail, but I've gotten so many questions about what's going on that it's simpler to chime in. Let me begin by saying that I've worked with a lot of law enforcement professionals over the years, and have the highest respect for their integrity [...]
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Adblock-blocking done right – almost

While there are good security reasons to block ads, I'll be honest and admit that I detest advertising - particularly intrusive, annoying animated ads on websites.   That's why you'll never see an ad here, and why I run adblockers.  Traditional ads (newspapers, televisions, etc), were one thing - I could ignore them, and remain [...]
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United’s New Security Questions

When I logged into United’s site to check in for a flight this week, I discovered that they’ve changed their user security approach. There’s been some chatter on flyertalk, twitter, and a couple of other places about the changes, and I thought I’d chime in. First, let’s take a look at what United’s trying to [...]
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iPhone repairs – scam or security?

Over the past few days, there have been a number of articles as people discover that their iPhones are bricked after undergoing third-party repairs.  Apple has a FAQ about it, and  iFixit has a good article with details, though I don't necessarily agree with all their conclusions, and they do have a vested interest in [...]
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