And that makes two – Flash sunset

Java and Flash are two of the most celebrated and reviled web technologies – they enabled active content on the early Internet, and both far outlived their useful, and insecure, lives. Now at last we have a sunset date for Flash. It’s longer than IT and security folks would like, and too soon for the […]

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Friday Photo – Sunset over Monterrey Bay

A couple of years ago, we went on a trip to northern California, and took a whale watching tour out in Monterrey Bay.  Over the tour (four hours...shades of Gilligan), we saw Orca, Dolphins, and many whales.  As sunset fell, and we headed back in, there must have been dozens of spouts on the horizon [...]
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2014-10 Tasmania-904-1-2

Friday Photo – Tasmanian Devil in Tasmania

Tasmania is one of those places we all hear about (usually from Bugs Bunny and friends), but never think we’ll actually visit. We decided to change that a few years ago, and spent a vacation down under, down under as one local put it. The Tasmanian Devil population is being hurt badly by a cancer […]

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1Password and the loss of local sync

Go to any talk or read almost any blog post on ‘keeping safe online’ and you’ll see a recommendation to use a password manager. But now 1Password is making changes that change the risk of using their solution.

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2017-04 Moab-657-1

Friday Photo – Dugout Ranch, Needles District, Canyonlands

For the Friday photo this week, we head back to Moab, then south to the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park.  The workshop my Dad and I were on took us to the Dugout Ranch, where we met Heidi - every bit the archetypal western rancher.  She was kind enough to let us shoot around [...]
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IT + OT = Internet of Threats: Securing a Converged Environment

Back in the dark ages, before IOT, cloud, daily data breaches, and worldwide ransomware alerts (you know, before 2005), the utility industry started to become enamored with the idea of a smart grid and began merging the IT and OT networks – that’s one version of Internet of Things (IOT). Unfortunately, IOT these days most […]

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2008-07-31 Crystal Peak Panorama03-1

Friday Photo – Crystal Peak Panorama

A few years back my wife and I took a July 4th trip to Breckenridge Colorado, and hiked up Crystal Peak. This is a panoramic from the trail head – the sky really was that blue. Great day in the mountains, not doing IT work!

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Data Breach Liability & Credit Monitoring

Apparently there’s a proposed settlement for the Anthem breach. As a refresher, this was one of the largest data breaches on record, with roughly 80 million individuals data compromised. The settlement breaks records – for $115M. But is it a good settlement?

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Friday Photo – Helios at the Colosseum

This weeks photo is from a visit to Rome and the Colosseum.  We had a chance to go down onto the arena floor early in the morning.  I shot this as an HDR and processed it to create a surreal effect (the lens flares are real) – you can almost imagine the Roman sun god […]

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