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Securing your Dessert

(C) Depositphotos / belchonock I have a joy/frustration relationship with Apple.  Their products are amazing and have changed my life, and at the same time some of their design decisions and choices are user hostile (dongles).  Their software usually just works, but when it doesn’t, well, you get Siri. On one point though, their heart [...]
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Rotten Apples: Mac Anti-malware

Macs get Malware. There, let the flames begin. There’s still an impression that Macs are somehow immune and you don’t need any sort of protection. While it’s true that viruses are very rare, malware (i.e. anything I don’t want running on my system) is quite common. So what’s the state of Mac Antimalware these days?

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We are Root – Major MacOS Security Flaw

I don’t normally do ‘breaking news’ but this one’s pretty big.  There’s a login flaw in MacOS High Sierra that allows anyone with physical access to a running machine to gain root privileges – we are all root (apologies to the guardians of the galaxy).  Details here: https://www.macrumors.com/2017/11/28/macos-high-sierra-bug-admin-access/ The workaround in the story, and from [...]
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FaceID – When Form Trumps Function

I’m an Apple guy – Mac, iPhone, iPad, and watch. I switched my family and friends over years ago, which reduced my technical support immeasurably. There’s a lot of good things to be said for their products, though recent trends have put form over function to the detriment of users. The latest case in point […]

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The Problem of Android

I’m an Apple guy, and have a love-hate relationship with their recent product strategy, and the tight control they keep over the ecosystem. The downside is that we’re stuck with some bad decisions (like building apps that expect to be online all the time), but the upside is that everyone gets access to updates at […]

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Apple, Security, Threat Models and a Tightening Sandbox

I watched Apple’s iOS and MacOS keynote with a lot of interest. Security, privacy, encryption, and two-factor all got some attention, either in the updates or on the main stage – it’s really cool to see a company build a product strategy around those capabilities. At the same time, they’re removing granular decisions about how […]

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iPhone repairs – scam or security?

Over the past few days, there have been a number of articles as people discover that their iPhones are bricked after undergoing third-party repairs.  Apple has a FAQ about it, and  iFixit has a good article with details, though I don't necessarily agree with all their conclusions, and they do have a vested interest in [...]
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