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Just ask “Why?”

Today we’re constantly asked to make decisions that have security and privacy implications. Most of the time these are individually innocuous, but collectively they present significant risk. All too often, we simply click yes, plug in the cable, share the wifi password, or give up personal information. Instead, before even asking if it’s secure, ask […]

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Enough already – get rid of default passwords

There’s been chatter about yet another botnet starting to form using insecure IOT devices.  Many of these are hacked because users never bother to change the default password, which is definitely bad behavior, but it’s also a cop-out by the vendors. The real problem is faulty design.

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IT + OT = Internet of Threats: Securing a Converged Environment

Back in the dark ages, before IOT, cloud, daily data breaches, and worldwide ransomware alerts (you know, before 2005), the utility industry started to become enamored with the idea of a smart grid and began merging the IT and OT networks – that’s one version of Internet of Things (IOT). Unfortunately, IOT these days most […]

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