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2017-10 Australia-298-1

Friday Photo – Here’s Looking at ‘Roo’

This week's Friday Photo is from our recent trip to Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road.  Australia is one of our favorite vacation spots; the scenery, the critters, and the people combine to make it a wonderful time.  So here's to 'Roo' for all the folks who made our trip a great time.
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Are we losing the cybercrime war?

I didn’t share a Friday photo last week because I’ve been working on this post in response to a question a friend asked:  “Are we losing the cybercrime war?” It sure feels that way.  In the past couple of years, we’ve had three major data disclosures – Aetna, Equifax and Yahoo, not to mention the [...]
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Friday Photo – Koala at Tower Hill

We recently visited the Tower Hill nature reserve in Victoria, Australia.  It's our second time, and continues to be an amazing place to see wildlife.  This koala was in a tree right near the parking lot just snoozing away, ignoring the crazy American with his camera. It got me thinking though, there's a moral here [...]
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