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2018-05 Moab-002

Friday Photo – Moab in the Rain

First of all, Moab is a terrible, ugly place that no one should ever visit - certainly not the hordes of people loving Arches National Park to death :-). Seriously, it's an amazing location, with iconic scenery - you can almost see the Duke as he rides across the skyline.  We were there for the [...]
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(c) Depositphotos / Photojog

Principle of Least Data

(c) Depositphotos / Photojog GDPR goes live this week, which is the first real salvo against corporate data creep (as in both expansion, and creepy).  Companies these days tend to keep every bit of information that they can, because they might possibly need (or be able to exploit) it someday.  Is it worth the risk? [...]
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