2017-12 NYC-164-Pano

Christmas In New York

When in comes to Christmas, there's some American traditions that come to mind.  Sleigh rides in New England, Snow in the Colorado mountains, and the tree at Rockefeller Center in New York among them.  We went there recently, and I was able to capture this panoramic image of the scene.    Right behind where I [...]
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1Password Revisited

A few months ago, AgileBits, the makers of 1Password, made some changes to their licensing model, which created a lot of confusion and concern.  I wrote about those here: https://douglhotka.com/2017/07/12/1password-and-the-loss-of-local-sync/ and took 1Password off my recommended list.  Since then I’ve collected new information, and re-evaluated things.  Short answer, it’s back on the list, with a […]

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Photo Friday (on Thursday) – Remember Pearl Harbor

Photo Friday is a day early this week, to remember and honor those who fought and gave their lives at Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941. We visited there in 2006, just as I was starting to get into photography.  Like many folks, I took my camera with me, but didn't think I'd use it [...]
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2013-04 UK Trip-1986

Rent Cars? Smartphone? Don’t Connect it

I travel for business and while Lyft is a growing part of my travel plans, I still frequently rent cars.  And I carry a cigarette adapter and mini-phono cable to connect to the car speakers.  Yep, Bluetooth and USB connections are something to avoid.

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2017-11-26 Sunset-005

Why I live in Colorado

There's a lot of reasons I live in Colorado - the mountains, wilderness, snow, sun, and fresh air (though not football at the moment).  This is another one - shot last week out in my back yard - we've had these almost every night for couple of weeks.  Truly amazing, though the image doesn't do [...]
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We are Root – Major MacOS Security Flaw

I don’t normally do ‘breaking news’ but this one’s pretty big.  There’s a login flaw in MacOS High Sierra that allows anyone with physical access to a running machine to gain root privileges – we are all root (apologies to the guardians of the galaxy).  Details here: https://www.macrumors.com/2017/11/28/macos-high-sierra-bug-admin-access/ The workaround in the story, and from [...]
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2013-08 Alaska-907

Denali on a ‘clear’ day

Visiting Denali national park is always spectacular, and no matter the weather, there's always good shooting.  If it's rainy or overcast the critters come out, and if the sun's shining, you might be one of the 30% of visitors who get to see the peak itself.  This was on our last day of the trip, [...]
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2014-10 Tasmania-2574

Friday Photo – Flying Sea Lion in the Great Southern Ocean

When we were in Tasmania, we took a photo cruise down into the great southern ocean.  The scenery was spectacular (I'll share those another time), and there was tons of wildlife.  On an island off the south tip there was a huge colony of sea lions basking on the rocks.  Somehow this one had climbed, [...]
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FaceID – When Form Trumps Function

I’m an Apple guy – Mac, iPhone, iPad, and watch. I switched my family and friends over years ago, which reduced my technical support immeasurably. There’s a lot of good things to be said for their products, though recent trends have put form over function to the detriment of users. The latest case in point […]

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2017-11 Estes Park-245-Pano

Termination Dust in Estes Park

My wife and I try to get into the mountains as often as we can, and aren't about to let a little weather get in the way.  This past week, we went up to Estes Park, and woke up to 14 inches of new termination dust on the ground - summer is truly over up [...]
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