2012-04-29 Hawaii Day Three-84

Rain Forest Fern

Maybe it's because I live in an arid climate, but the rain forest has always fascinated me.  The lush foliage grows so fast you can almost watch it uncurl.  These emerging ferns are a particular favorite - I love how the light glows through them, softened by the overhead canopy.
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2010-07-25 Alaska Day 5-1686

Alaskan Eagle in the Mist

This image combines two things I've been fortunate to see several times over the years - Alaska, and bald eagles in the wild.  Both stir the soul and touch the wild in all our hearts.  The second day of our boat tours into Prince William Sound was cold, rainy and cloudy.  I was set to [...]
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Dead drive? Dispose Securely

I was recently asked how to dispose of an old hard drive in a secure manner.  This comes up all the time, and unfortunately most folks just toss them in the trash or electronics recycle bin without thinking, or worse, sell it on eBay.  The best option is an industrial hard drive shredder, but they’re […]

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Lily at the Hilo Zoo

I admit it, I'm a sucker for lily ponds.  I'm not sure if it's because I really liked Kermit as a kid, or just the serenity of the scene (or maybe a bit of both).  The Hilo zoo has an amazing pond, and it's been in bloom every time I visit. Now all I need [...]
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Securing the Information Supply Chain

It’s no secret that we’re in the information age and the rise of the CIO to prominence in most organizations reflects that.  Google, Facebook, Amazon (?), are all large companies whose entire business model is based on the flow of information from creators to customers.  So if that’s the new supply chain, can we leverage […]

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untitled shoot-003-2

Why do people (or companies) take risks?

It’s a dangerous world, and yet there’s a spate of recent studies showing that people and companies continue to take risks with their cybersecurity.   The truth is that we all have to take risks – there is no such thing as complete safety.  The question is, how do we decide what risk to take?

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2013-04 UK Trip-1919-Edit-2-Edit-Words

Welsh Angel

Every once in a while, a quick snapshot turns out to be far more than expected.  I snapped this of my wife on a whim while we were walking down the street in Llandudno, Wales.  Her family has roots there, and we'd been visiting - it's an incredibly peaceful city, just the right place to [...]
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untitled shoot-600

Just ask “Why?”

Today we’re constantly asked to make decisions that have security and privacy implications. Most of the time these are individually innocuous, but collectively they present significant risk. All too often, we simply click yes, plug in the cable, share the wifi password, or give up personal information. Instead, before even asking if it’s secure, ask […]

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2017-12 NYC-129

Merry Christmas!

I was sitting near Rockefeller Center, watching the Saks light show and 10,000 of my closest friends recording it on their iPhones, when I caught this scene, literally at my feet.  Good things are like that sometimes - all we have to do is open our eyes and see what's there. A very Merry Christmas [...]
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Rotten Apples: Mac Anti-malware

Macs get Malware. There, let the flames begin. There’s still an impression that Macs are somehow immune and you don’t need any sort of protection. While it’s true that viruses are very rare, malware (i.e. anything I don’t want running on my system) is quite common. So what’s the state of Mac Antimalware these days?

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