Last Four is Foolish

I keep running across companies that still, in 2018, are using the last four digits of SSN or mother’s maiden name as an authenticator.  We have 170+ million reasons why that’s a bad idea, and yet it persists.  That’s beyond inertia, past laziness, and nearly into negligence territory.  It’s time to end the practice of […]

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Friday Photo – Hound in the Snow

We lost Truffles this week.  He was our sweet springer spaniel, a two year old heart in a 13 year old body.  Feisty and sweet, easy going and fierce.  Our cats are sleeping on the dog bed, waiting for him to come by to snuggle, and our golden is running upstairs to find him (and [...]
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Dreaming of a white March

Folks think of Colorado as the snow capital of the world, yet we can golf as likely as ski on Christmas day.  This is a shot of what I'm dreaming about - a nice dumping of fresh snow from a trip to Breckenridge a number of years ago.  A few feet would be nice right [...]
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(c) DepositPhotos / Gang Liu

iOS 11 crack – should you be worried?

There are a number of media reports out that Israeli firm Cellebrite is now able to unlock iPhones even running the latest version of iOS, including the iPhone X. Should you be worried? Let’s look at some potential threats.

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2012-04-29 Hawaii Day Three-84

Rain Forest Fern

Maybe it's because I live in an arid climate, but the rain forest has always fascinated me.  The lush foliage grows so fast you can almost watch it uncurl.  These emerging ferns are a particular favorite - I love how the light glows through them, softened by the overhead canopy.
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2010-07-25 Alaska Day 5-1686

Alaskan Eagle in the Mist

This image combines two things I've been fortunate to see several times over the years - Alaska, and bald eagles in the wild.  Both stir the soul and touch the wild in all our hearts.  The second day of our boat tours into Prince William Sound was cold, rainy and cloudy.  I was set to [...]
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(c) Dreamstime

Dead drive? Dispose Securely

I was recently asked how to dispose of an old hard drive in a secure manner.  This comes up all the time, and unfortunately most folks just toss them in the trash or electronics recycle bin without thinking, or worse, sell it on eBay.  The best option is an industrial hard drive shredder, but they’re […]

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Lily at the Hilo Zoo

I admit it, I'm a sucker for lily ponds.  I'm not sure if it's because I really liked Kermit as a kid, or just the serenity of the scene (or maybe a bit of both).  The Hilo zoo has an amazing pond, and it's been in bloom every time I visit. Now all I need [...]
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