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Securing the Information Supply Chain

It’s no secret that we’re in the information age and the rise of the CIO to prominence in most organizations reflects that.  Google, Facebook, Amazon (?), are all large companies whose entire business model is based on the flow of information from creators to customers.  So if that’s the new supply chain, can we leverage […]

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Why do people (or companies) take risks?

It’s a dangerous world, and yet there’s a spate of recent studies showing that people and companies continue to take risks with their cybersecurity.   The truth is that we all have to take risks – there is no such thing as complete safety.  The question is, how do we decide what risk to take?

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Welsh Angel

Every once in a while, a quick snapshot turns out to be far more than expected.  I snapped this of my wife on a whim while we were walking down the street in Llandudno, Wales.  Her family has roots there, and we'd been visiting - it's an incredibly peaceful city, just the right place to [...]
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Just ask “Why?”

Today we’re constantly asked to make decisions that have security and privacy implications. Most of the time these are individually innocuous, but collectively they present significant risk. All too often, we simply click yes, plug in the cable, share the wifi password, or give up personal information. Instead, before even asking if it’s secure, ask […]

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