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UK Bath London-132-Pano

Friday Photo – Bath from Bath Abbey

I really enjoy shooting panoramic photographs - there's no better way to capture the scope and scale of a scene.  Normally this involves a tripod, leveling and pano heads, and a lot of fiddling - none of which can you do while on tour at the top of an ancient Abbey in Bath, UK.  This [...]
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By Created by Wolfgang Beyer with the program Ultra Fractal 3. - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Is your security architecture Fractal or Fractured?

Fractals are a really cool mathematical concept that reflect an almost recursive like pattern, that reoccurs at smaller and smaller scales. The classic Mandelbrot image is a perfect example of this – the larger forms come first, then as you scale down, more details emerge, all in perfect alignment and part of a cohesive pattern. […]

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2010-07-23 Alaska Day 3-060

Friday Photo – Critters in Alaskan Waters

On our first trip to Alaska, we visited Valdez and Prince William Sound.  It's a real fishing town, with an influx of tourists staying mostly in RV's and a few motels and B&B's, that reminded us of what the Colorado mountain towns were like back when we were growing up. We wanted to take a [...]
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2012-08 Yellowstone-664

Iconic Yellowstone

A few years back my wife and I toured Yellowstone before meeting my dad for a fly fishing boat trip.  It was a beautiful afternoon, warm and sunny, with the shadows just starting to appear.  The moon came over the horizon, and this guy looked up at me - a classic Yellowstone postcard. There were [...]
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Last Four is Foolish

I keep running across companies that still, in 2018, are using the last four digits of SSN or mother’s maiden name as an authenticator.  We have 170+ million reasons why that’s a bad idea, and yet it persists.  That’s beyond inertia, past laziness, and nearly into negligence territory.  It’s time to end the practice of […]

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