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2018-09-28 Castle Visit-047-Pano-2

Friday Photo – New Horizons

I’ll be leaving IBM at the end of the month and starting a cool new adventure with a great organization. I’m really excited about the opportunity for growth, and looking forward to jumping in with both feet. To all those I’ve worked with over the years at Big Blue, my sincere thanks for the collaboration […]

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2018-09-28 Castle Visit-005-12

Friday Photo – Thanksgiving, turkey, and Cherokee Ranch

Just south of Denver, is the Cherokee Ranch and Castle - one of those hidden gems that you miss unless you go looking for it.  The castle sits on top of a mesa, overlooking the whole front range (I'll share a sunset pano sometime soon).  We had the chance to go visit for the Elk [...]
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Friday Photo – Hound in the Snow

We lost Truffles this week.  He was our sweet springer spaniel, a two year old heart in a 13 year old body.  Feisty and sweet, easy going and fierce.  Our cats are sleeping on the dog bed, waiting for him to come by to snuggle, and our golden is running upstairs to find him (and [...]
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2017-11-26 Sunset-005

Why I live in Colorado

There's a lot of reasons I live in Colorado - the mountains, wilderness, snow, sun, and fresh air (though not football at the moment).  This is another one - shot last week out in my back yard - we've had these almost every night for couple of weeks.  Truly amazing, though the image doesn't do [...]
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2017-11 Estes Park-245-Pano

Termination Dust in Estes Park

My wife and I try to get into the mountains as often as we can, and aren't about to let a little weather get in the way.  This past week, we went up to Estes Park, and woke up to 14 inches of new termination dust on the ground - summer is truly over up [...]
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2012-06-16 Russell Gulch-016_7-1

Friday Photo – Storm over Russel Gulch

This week's Friday photo is from Russell Gulch in Idaho Springs, Colorado.  There's tons of old mining towns and camps throughout the Rockies, and it's always fun to discover a new one, especially near your own backyard.  I enhanced the clouds with an HDR exposure to give it a surreal feel - trying to capture [...]
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2011-07-16 Maroon Bells-013-13 images-1

Friday Photo – Maroon Bells, being loved to death

This week’s photo is from the Maroon Bells, near Aspen, Colorado.  Like many of our national parks and wilderness areas, this one’s being loved to death.  Crowds have increased to the point where shuttle busses are now required, and soon we may see a quota put on reservations.  I’m all for those restrictions to better […]

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2008-07-31 Crystal Peak Panorama03-1

Friday Photo – Crystal Peak Panorama

A few years back my wife and I took a July 4th trip to Breckenridge Colorado, and hiked up Crystal Peak. This is a panoramic from the trail head – the sky really was that blue. Great day in the mountains, not doing IT work!

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