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Friday Photo – Vatican Gallery at Night

When we were in Rome a couple of years ago, we did something for the first time - we paid for a tour.  Usually the thought of shuffling along with other tourists just wasn't attractive.  For the Vatican though, the crowds can be stifling and detract from the experience, so we signed up for a [...]
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2017-10 Australia-298-1

Friday Photo – Here’s Looking at ‘Roo’

This week's Friday Photo is from our recent trip to Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road.  Australia is one of our favorite vacation spots; the scenery, the critters, and the people combine to make it a wonderful time.  So here's to 'Roo' for all the folks who made our trip a great time.
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2017-10 Australia-124-1

Friday Photo – Koala at Tower Hill

We recently visited the Tower Hill nature reserve in Victoria, Australia.  It's our second time, and continues to be an amazing place to see wildlife.  This koala was in a tree right near the parking lot just snoozing away, ignoring the crazy American with his camera. It got me thinking though, there's a moral here [...]
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2012-06-16 Russell Gulch-016_7-1

Friday Photo – Storm over Russel Gulch

This week's Friday photo is from Russell Gulch in Idaho Springs, Colorado.  There's tons of old mining towns and camps throughout the Rockies, and it's always fun to discover a new one, especially near your own backyard.  I enhanced the clouds with an HDR exposure to give it a surreal feel - trying to capture [...]
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2013-04 UK Trip-922-1

Friday Photo – Scottish Cow on Skye

Every once in a while there's a image that you just find cool and can't put your finger on it.  This Scottish cow on the Isle of Skye was munching along side the road.  It was raining pretty good, so I had my wife roll down the window and grabbed a couple of quick shots [...]
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2013-04 UK Trip-391-1

Friday Photo – Remembering what’s important

This week's Friday Photo is from the island of Iona, off the coast of Scotland.  This Celtic cross is outside the Iona Abbey, founded in 563 and the traditional resting place of Macbeth.  Life is stressful, working in security is even more so, and it's important that we keep perspective.  Our visit there was one [...]
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2011-07-16 Maroon Bells-013-13 images-1

Friday Photo – Maroon Bells, being loved to death

This week’s photo is from the Maroon Bells, near Aspen, Colorado.  Like many of our national parks and wilderness areas, this one’s being loved to death.  Crowds have increased to the point where shuttle busses are now required, and soon we may see a quota put on reservations.  I’m all for those restrictions to better […]

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2010-07-22 Alaska Day 2-148-1

Friday Photo – Lake Louise, Alaska

From the 50th state last week, to the 49th this week.   We drove from Anchorage to Valdez, and stopped for the night at the Lake Louise Lodge.  It was an overcast day, and it made the colors incredibly vibrant - perfect for photography.  A great day shooting was capped off by one of the best [...]
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Friday Photo – Reflections of Beauty

This week's Friday Photo is posted on the following Monday due to technical challenges (yep, even engineers sometimes fat finger the keyboard). Several years ago we went to the Big island of Hawaii, and visited the Hilo Zoo.  It's a really cool facility, especially for a small town.  Near the entrance there's a lake, and [...]
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