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2008-07-31 Crystal Peak Panorama03-1

Friday Photo – Crystal Peak Panorama

A few years back my wife and I took a July 4th trip to Breckenridge Colorado, and hiked up Crystal Peak. This is a panoramic from the trail head – the sky really was that blue. Great day in the mountains, not doing IT work!

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Data Breach Liability & Credit Monitoring

Apparently there’s a proposed settlement for the Anthem breach. As a refresher, this was one of the largest data breaches on record, with roughly 80 million individuals data compromised. The settlement breaks records – for $115M. But is it a good settlement?

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Friday Photo – Helios at the Colosseum

This weeks photo is from a visit to Rome and the Colosseum.  We had a chance to go down onto the arena floor early in the morning.  I shot this as an HDR and processed it to create a surreal effect (the lens flares are real) – you can almost imagine the Roman sun god […]

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Friday Photo – Koala in Melbourne

This week's Friday Photo comes from down under.  In 2007, we went to Victoria, Australia on vacation.  The day we landed we were pretty much zombies, and found a nature preserve right in Melbourne.  This guy was curled up in the notch of the tree, and the lines of his face with the wood caught [...]
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Voting Fraud – Back to the Future

We’ve forgotten that things like stuffing ballot boxes, buying votes with alcohol, missing and broken voting machines, and all other manner of manipulation occurred in the past (some more recent than others). I’d argue that on balance, our elections today are the most fraud-free that they’ve ever been, but with the advent of more and […]

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Apple, Security, Threat Models and a Tightening Sandbox

I watched Apple’s iOS and MacOS keynote with a lot of interest. Security, privacy, encryption, and two-factor all got some attention, either in the updates or on the main stage – it’s really cool to see a company build a product strategy around those capabilities. At the same time, they’re removing granular decisions about how […]

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The Cell Phone Wiping Conundrum

Losing a phone is painful. Getting a bill for fraudulent calls is a gut punch. And yet we get conflicting advice and misleading reliance on remote-wipe features and their effectiveness. What to do?

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