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2014-10 Tasmania-592-Pano-1

Friday Photo: Coles Bay, Tasmania

This week's Friday Photo is from Coles Bay, Tasmania.  We spent two weeks there a few years ago - it's an interesting place, with some spectacular scenery.  I love how the orange rocks almost glow under the cloudy sky.  What you can't tell is that it was blustery and cold.  I was covering the camera [...]
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2010-07-23 Alaska Day 3-812-1

Don’t be fooled: A credit lock is not a security freeze

There’s been a lot of interest in placing a security freeze on your credit reports. Consumers are interested because it prevents credit theft. Credit agencies are interested because it breaks their business model. Remember, nothing is free, someone’s getting paid for it somehow, and if you aren’t paying, you’re the product, not the customer.

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2012-06-16 Russell Gulch-016_7-1

Friday Photo – Storm over Russel Gulch

This week's Friday photo is from Russell Gulch in Idaho Springs, Colorado.  There's tons of old mining towns and camps throughout the Rockies, and it's always fun to discover a new one, especially near your own backyard.  I enhanced the clouds with an HDR exposure to give it a surreal feel - trying to capture [...]
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2013-04 UK Trip-1293-Edit-1

Friday Photo – Moon over Edinburgh

This weeks Friday Photo is from Edinburgh, one of my favorite cities to visit.   The Scots are frugal (they only fire the cannon to mark 1:00 instead of 12, as it saves ammunition), friendly, and have a hardy outlook on life.  I'm convinced that loving bagpipes must be genetic, and I'm happy to have [...]
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2013-04 UK Trip-922-1

Friday Photo – Scottish Cow on Skye

Every once in a while there's a image that you just find cool and can't put your finger on it.  This Scottish cow on the Isle of Skye was munching along side the road.  It was raining pretty good, so I had my wife roll down the window and grabbed a couple of quick shots [...]
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